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All Pre-Sales Inquiries & After Purchase Support Messages Will Be Replied To Within 24hrs, Sometimes less Due To Timezone Differences. Thank You. 

DOWNLOAD AND LICENSE INFO WILL BE EMAILED TO YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ADDRESS WITHIN 24 HOURS. If you do not have access to your PayPal email address! You will not receive the download and license information!

We Will Only Support Premium PRO Bots You Have Bought. We do not support third party products sold on the site with out the “Stuna” brand name on the product.

You Must Have Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5 Or Greater Installed To Open & Run Bot Properly.. Download And Install The Following Prerequisites: Click Here

N.B. Please click & Read Why our Ubot Studio Created Bots Might Show Up As A false Virus.

Whitelist bot in your antivirus software if falsely detected..Or use Sandboxed

If your bot is not opening up make sure you install Net 3.5 then followed by Net 4.5 or if you get exceeded activation error message please delete the two License.dll & Locker.dll files then click on the bot and re-enter your license details again. Thank you.

Refund Policy. Read Here.